How To Remove "POWERED BY BLOGGER" In Blogger

In this article, I will be demonstrating how to remove or hide attribution widget ‘Powered by Blogger’ in footer of blogspot blogs. Before going to the process, backup your blogger template, while editing html code if anything goes wrong or template modified design doesn’t work or looks good you can restore from backed up template.
Here I have demonstrated you two methods for removing attribution widget. Some blogger templates may not support method 1 then you need to follow method 2 for successfully removing attribution widget.

Removing "Attribution Widget" Using Method 1
Step. 1= Select Your Blog In Which You Want To Remove Your Attribution Widget.
Step. 2= Click On Theme Section.
Step. 3= Click On Edit HTML.

Step. 4= Now Click On Jump To Widget On Top.
Step. 5= Select Attribution Widget.

Step. 6= Change The Value Of Locked To False From True.
Step. 7= Click On Save Theme.

Step. 8= Click On Layout Section.
Step. 9= Click On Edit Under Attribution Widget

(Now You Can See A Remove Button There)
Step. 10= Now Click On Remove Button.
Now You Are Done With Method 1

Removing "Attribution Widget" Using Method 2

Step. 1= Click On Theme Section.
Step. 2= Click On Customize Button.
Step. 3= Go To Advanced Option.
Step. 4= Click On Add CSS
Step. 5= Add The Code  Given Below
#Attribution1 {
display: none !important;



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