How To Create Social-Media Share Button For Blogger/Website [English/Hindi/Urdu]

Social-Media Share Button:  It is too necessary for a blog/website to have a social media share button on each and every post/page. This buttons helps a blog/website to get more unique visitor day by day.
Because we all know that social media is very good place for new bloggers to get more visitors and a blogger also share their posts to their friends through social media. And a post doesn't get more traffic with this method. But when social-media button will present in your each post then your visitors will also share that post and each post can get more traffic.

So, don't worry I am going to reveal the secret to get more and more unique visitors on your website/blog.
How To Create Social-Media Share Button For Blogger/Website [English/Hindi/Urdu]

I am going to explain two methods in this article by first method you can create only a whatsapp sharing button yourself and by second method you can add multiple social media sharing buttons to your blog/website.

For Website and Blog both:
You have to add the code given below to show whatsapp share button in your blog or website.

<a href="whatsapp://send?text=Take a look at this awesome website:%0A" data-action="share/whatsapp/share">Share</a>
Output For Method 1

You can add multiple icon of social-media share button using this method.

For this you need to go to a website "". And you will get more information about "How to add HTML Code in your blog for social media buttons" on the same website there.



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