ब्लॉग का ट्रैफिक बढ़ाने के लिए 4 मास्टर टिप्स

The biggest problem for a blogger to become successful and popular is that how to increase the traffic of the blog website? Every blogger tries but only few of them achieve success. They are just a few bloggers who get millions of visitors to their blog website. Today we will tell you 4 master tips and tricks to increase the traffic or audience on the website which will give you complete results. So let's start with how to increase your blog traffic - 4 Master Tips to Increase your Blog Traffic in Hindi.

The same tips do not work all the time to increase visitors or traffic to a blog website. We should keep changing our tips, methods and formula according to the time. We should adopt new methods all the time. Only then we will be able to increase viewership or traffic on our blog website.

Just as the more popular an item is, the higher its sales and profits will be, in the same way, the more visitors or traffic you get on your blog website, the more your blog's income will become and you become a popular and a successful blogger. Will find

1. Google Search

Now the best way to increase visitors or traffic is to rank your side in Google or to get in the top in Google's search bar and for this you have to follow Google's guideline.

To get your blog website ranked in Google search, you have to submit your blog website to Google Search Council.

After that you will have to make your site according to the Google Guideline accordingly. For example, you have to make site design, SEO, loading speed, layout etc. according to Google. So that your blog website can rank in Google's search bar and come in the top, then you can get visitors and traffic from Google on your blog website.

2. Traffic Analysis

According to Google, you need to analyze site traffic, get compatibility, description and visibility to increase the visibility and traffic of your blog website.

  • You have to decide
  • Who is your audience?
  • Where are visitors from your site?

How long does your audience read your content?
What are the top traffic traffic to your site?
Which content on your site do visitors like to read more?
After deciding this, you have to adopt solutions to the problems and find out what else you can do better.

You can use Google Analytics on your site to do traffic analysis. It is the best and free tool for traffic analysis.

3. YouTube Channel

Now video content is more preferred than text content. With the introduction of 5G technology in future, the demand for video content will increase further.

For this, it would be better to create a single YouTube channel named after your blog and website and make videos for your blog posts and give a link to your blog post in their description.

This will not only increase the traffic of your blog but will also create a separate platform for you, where your income will also increase with your fan following.

4. Mobile Optimization

Mobile has overtaken the update stop view. Now people use mobile more than laptops and computers. In such a situation, if your website is not mobile friendly then you will lose a large part of the traffic.

My intention here is not just to make the website mobile friendly. My intention is that you start writing for mobile viewers only. So that you get more mobile viewers.

Your website design, page load speed, layout, user experience should all be mobile friendly.


Even if you have created the website yourself or built it by someone else. You have to optimize it yourself or get someone to do this work on which you are completely unwell.

Tips to increase website traffic mentioned on this website. Really great work, yes I know you must have heard about them before. Nevertheless, now I suggest you to take them seriously.