10 Best Free Video Editing Software for Windows and Mobile

In today's article, you will tell the top 10 video editing software, which can be very helpful for you. If you are a youtuber then this is very important for you. By using this video editing software, you can further improve your youtube's videos. Whenever we open a youtube channel, we are very confused about video editing. Which software is good for us? Well, if we search in the internet, we get results in the amount of crore and we get confused so I have brought this article for you. Top 10 video editing software for free


FilmoraGo is a remarkable android video editor app, which is liked by many users. Trimming, cutting, Adding theme, music etc. Etc. All the primary tasks can be easily done. You can also create Square 1: 1 Video for Instagram, 16: 9 Video for YouTube, Create Reverse Video, Add Transitions, Slow Motion, Text etc. To beautify your video.
FilmoraGo has some in-app purchases, but most of the amazing features are available for free. You can either save the video directly to your gallery.


Adobe Premiere Clip helps you to edit any video instantly from your Android device. It is fast and fun to use. The best feature about clips is the automatic video creation capability, that is, the app can automatically create videos for you with any photo or clip you choose. Apart from this, you can also create your video with many video editing functions like cutting, trimming, adding transitions, music, filters, effects, etc. It is free to download and does not show any ads. It also has direct video sharing capabilities.


VideoShow has received many awards and this app is one of the best video editor apps for Android available in the Play Store. With a user-friendly interface, VideoShow is reliable and easy to use. In addition to the necessary functions, you can make your video beautiful by adding text, effects, music and sound effects or dubbing it live. More than 50 different themes are available, and you can also reduce the size of your video by compressing it. The video does not lose any quality and there is no video duration limit. This FilmoRago alternative app supports almost all Android Device.


PowerDirector is a fully featured video editor app with an easy-to-use timeline interface, but may take some time to get used to the controls. However, once you become an expert with this app, you can create professional and impressive videos within seconds.
There are over 30 different effects and transition effects to choose from and add to your video. Using this app, you can create awesome green screen videos. Power Director also comes with tutorial video for all its functions. Most of its features are available in the free version, but upgrading to the full version also allows you to remove watermarks, advertisements, and videos in 1080 and 4K resolutions. It is supported in android 4.3 and above.


Combined with well-designed interfaces with powerful features, kinemaster is a convenient video editing tool for android. This enables drag-and-drop technology to easily import various media files.
KineMaster provides a remarkable level of control over the editing process to quickly create commercial videos. You can add various types of transitions between video pieces, or insert blocks of texts or subtitles. However, removing watermarks and full access to premium assets can only be achieved if you purchase the professional version of the app. In addition, most functions come in the free version.


filmora video editor is very popular, many youtubers use this software to edit their videos, i also edit the videos of my channel with the help of this software. This video editor is amazing, the best thing is that its interface is very good as well as it is a popular video editor. In this, you have been given many advance level features with which you can easily make all kinds of videos. Let's know about some of its features
Noise Removal - This features is very useful many times in the video there are many undesirable voice records which we can easily remove with the help of this features.
Shading Tuning - With the help of this features, you can adjust the color as per your video.
Advance Text Editing - You can add advance level texture effect to your video, with which you can use many types of texture effect in your video.


Sonyvegas is professional video editing software which is used by many big video creators. It is one of the Best Video Editing Software. In this you advance level Vican edit deo. Its interface is better, but if you are new in video editing, then there may be some difficulty in learning it. In this software you will get to see many advance level features, using which you can edit amazing videos.

Features: -

  • Automatic crossfades
  • Instant Freeze Frame
  • Multi Camera-Editing
  • Velocity Envelopes
  • Shuffle Editing
  • Adjustable UI appearance
  • Masking tools


HitfilmExpress is also a popular and advance video editor in which you will get to see many features. The best thing about this video editor is that you can download and use it for free but there are some packs that you can buy if you want. If you are new in video editing and you have less budget then try using this video editor once. The features of this video editor are given below.

Features: -

  • Object Tracking
  • 3D models
  • visual effects
  • Lightning Effects
  • Sky Replacement tools
  • Grading tool
  • Masking and layering


You might already know about this software abobe Premire pro is very popular video editing software which is video editor of Adobe company. This is a professional video editing software in which you can do advance level video editing. In Premire pro you will get to see a lot of features and tools. Working in this software can be a bit difficult for the new creator, but if you keep learning continuously, then over time you will be taught to use this software. Let's look at the features of this Premire expert Video Editing Software.

Features: -

  • Multiple Open Projects
  • Shared projects
  • Immersive Video Effects and Transitions
  • Responsive Design tools (Timing and Position)
  • 8 New Label Colors
Camtasia is the video editor of the TechSmith company. If you are in the beginning phase of video editing, then this video editor will prove to be the best video editing software for you. Its interface is very simple, plus you can edit very amazing videos in it. In Camtasia, you will get to see many amazing features, some of the features are given below -

Features: -

Screen Recording - In this software you will get to see screen recorder features, with the help of which you can make a tutorial by recording the screen of your computer.
Webcam - In this software you can record video using your webcam. It is also very useful for making educational videos.
MultiTrack Timeline - This software provides many tracks at the same time, you can add and edit many videos, audio at the same time, these features are very useful for a creator.

In Conclusion: -

In today's article, I have told you about the top 10 video editing software, of which 5 are for android and 5 is for desktop, it is all the best video editor, you can choose and use any one of them.