How to double your blog income

If you have monetize your blog but you are not satisfied with your blog's income then this article is for you. Because in this article we are going to tell you how you can double or quadruple the income of your blog. In this post you will get complete information about how to earn more from your blog, how to increase blog earnings, how to double website and blog earnings. Top 7 Ways to Double your Blog Income in Hindi.

If you have monetized your blog or are doing it now. In both the cases this post is helpful for you. The information given here will help every blogger to double their income.

I can understand that it is natural to be disappointed when someone quits a job and blogs and does not get a block every month.

But if you have made blogging your career, then you will have to try and increase the earnings from your site.

I am sure that you can double the income of your blog in these ways. For this, you should follow our methods mentioned below. 7 ways to double your blog's income

1. Increase Blog Traffic

To make money from the blog, traffic on the blog is necessary. There is no doubt that the more traffic on your blog, the more your earnings will be.

This is the first and best way to double the income of your blog. Try to increase your blog traffic as much as you can.

If you can increase your side traffic, then you will also increase your income. We have written many helpful articles to increase blog traffic.

All these will help you in increasing the traffic of your blog. Apart from these, you can also increase blog traffic by reading our SEO articles.

2. Add a new blog Income Source

You cannot depend on just one Income Source (Google AdSense). There are many other ways to earn money from blogs. You can increase your income by adding income source.

Use Affiliate Marketing, if you have already done this, there are many other ways. Such as Advertise on your blog. (Or run more ads)

Providing coaching or free launching services.
Sell ​​your own product (E-books or online course).
Sharing Paid Post (Review, Promotion, Sponsored) on the blog.
Create a Donate Page so that people can donate money.
There are many ways by which you can increase the income of your blog. Keep an eye on other bloggers of your Niche and see what methods he uses for earning.

3. Ad Placement

If you use Google Adsense then you need to pay attention to Ad Placement. Try changing the ad that is getting less revenue. Experiment and increase your AdSense income.

I have already written several Guidelines articles about Ad Placement. Please read them once.

I have also written many articles about doing Google AdSense Income Increase, for this you read our articles in AdSense category.

4. Increase Conversion Rate

If you have already monetized your website with many income networks but still you are not able to earn enough, then you need to increase your conversion rate.

All the income streams you have, are they doing better and can you tweak them to earn more money. for example,

If you have written an article about many affiliate programs on your website and now you have stopped getting sell from them, then you need to work on them again.

5. Run Promotion

If you sell any of your products on your site Ebook, Online Course, then apart from your site, you should promote it on other web sites that are relevant to the product.

You can give some percent commission of your earnings to the promoting sites. This is a better way to double or quadruple your income, try it.

6. Increase Pricing

Sometimes it is better to reduce the prices of your product. Because it gives us more and more cells. But you can increase your income by increasing the price of your best product.

Of all the products (such as an e-book) that you sell on your blog, some 1-2 will be the best performers. You can increase your income by increasing its price.

7. Make yourself brand

Making yourself a brand can prove to be a Master Tips in increasing your income. Because people like to buy products through Professional and Top Bloggers more than a new blogger.

For example, you can see our India's Top and Professional Blogger Harsh Agarwal Ji. Which get more sells than the rest of the blogger.

If you are able to build yourself a brand, then obviously you will earn three-fold from your previous Same Blog.


If you want to double, triple or quadruple your income then follow the methods mentioned above. In the coming time, your block earnings will have doubled.

Who knows where this takes you? But I would definitely say that it should help you to transform your dreams into reality Su will and you are included in the list of (high-earning blogger) in the coming years.

Hope you will like this information and with its help you will be able to increase your blog's income, earn more money from your blog and be happy with blogging.