In this post, I will tell about the top 5 free keyword research tools. With the help of which you will be able to do keyword research in free.

Today I have tested all the keyword research tools which I tell you about free Keyword Research Tools. You can use these without worrying.
If you are a blog then you will know how

important it is for Keyword Research Blogging. Keyword research is not only used in blogging, many people do it elsewhere like YouTuber, Marketing etc.

You can get your post, video or your product ranked on top page of google with the help of keyword research tools. Keyword research is very important for ranking.

Unless you do keyword research properly, the chance of your succes is very less. It is very important to have knowledge of keyword research tools.

Today I have brought a post on the top 5 free keyword research tools for you. So that you can do research on keyword very easily.

Keyword is very important for any post. The tools or websites that I have brought today are absolutely free. By using them, you will get many information about Keyword research. Today what I have brought for you Top 5 keyword research tool. They are all very good.

You can do very good research using them. With which you will get a lot of information about the keyword such as Search volume, Keyword difficulty, cpc, you will get many information.

If you worked online, then you would know about some of these tools. But today I have also brought some different tools for you. If you do not know about this, then you have completed this post.

Take full information about them. After that, the tools you do research with. I think you will find a better tool in this post.


If you do not know, then Google is also a Keyword research planner. You can go to a website of google and use google keyword planner. You can do Keyword Research by going to where.

The google keyword planner is very good for Keyword Research and tells very good records. We can trust this because it tells Google, Data itself. The google keyword tool gives the correct result up to about 95% percent.

If you are a blogger then Google Keyword Planner will be a very good Keyword Research Tool for you. Where you go, you will get very good information.

You will also get information about Keyword's search volume, Keyword difficulty, CPC etc. Other free Keyword Research tools get very good and different features in Google keyword planner. Which will be very useful in your blogging or internet world.

It is important to have good Keyword Tool for a good ranking. Where we were able to do Keyword Research properly and Google Keyword Planner is a very good Keyword Research Tool. You get it for Keyword Research in Free.


ubersuggest is a very good Keyword Research tool. Where you get very good features. The name of the person who created this Keyword tool is nailpate.

Neil Patel is very knowledgeable of seo. You can see their information by searching on google. If you are looking for a good Keyword Research tool then Ubersuggest is for you.

You will be able to do Keyword Research on this in a very easy way. If you have knowledge of Keyword research, then you can use this Keyword research tool.

In Ubersuggest you get almost all the data right. But there are still some shortcomings in it. You can check search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, paid difficulty etc. in it.

A lot of people use Ubersuggest as a free seo tool. If you also want to do this, you can also go to its website and do seo for free.


This keyword research tool number 3 comes in our list of top 5 keyword research tools. Keyword keg is a very good research tool. This is a very good website, by which you can do a good keyword research.

This website also shows you the search volume of the entire Global. You get many features in it, apart from other keyword research tool. If you do not know about this tool, then know quickly and you go to the website and do keyword research.

You will get a very good result in this. It is absolutely free. But in 1 day you can do only 10 Keyword research in it. It also tells you very good suggested keywords.

With the help of which you can improve your keywords. If you want to do keyword research well, then you can use its tool on its website.

You have a lot of features in it to do your keyword research It will help a lot. If you want to learn to do keyword research, then you can also learn by visiting this website.


Rapid tags website no in our list of top 5 best free keyword research tools. It comes at 4. With the help of this website you can not know about Keyword research, but you can make many Keyword for yourself from one Keyword.

This website will give you a lot of benefits in the form of Keyword generator. You can do your keywords generator very easily on this website, which will be high level keywords. This is very good for website blog tags or for youtube tags.

You can generate top best tags for yourself very easily with the help of this website. This website tells you by finding the keyword of the top level. Which is required for a Blogger or YouTuber. This website is very right for you. You can generate tags for your website or Youtube videos with the help of this website.


Wordtracker is a very perfect website if you are looking for a good Keyword Research Tool. You can do keyword research very easily on this website. On Wordtracker, you can find many information like search volume, keyword difficulty by doing keyword research.

If you are looking for a good free Keyword Research Tool then you can use Wordtracker Keyword Research Tool. In this you also get suggested keyword. With the help of which you can find very good keyword.

IAAT also tells you this in research. This website is very right for those who are looking for simple and simple research tools.

Friends, I have given you the top 5 free keyword research tools information. If you like any of these research tools then you can use it. You will get all the keyword research tools given in this post.