Where to get ideas to write a new post on the blog

Blogging is a great career option of today, but it also has to face many problems such as if you are a blogger then getting new Blog Post Ideas can be a problem for you. In today's post, we will know how and where to get new blog post ideas so that we can post regularly on the blog. New Post Ideas Top 7 Tips in Hindi.

Where to get ideas to write a new post on the blog
Whether you are new blogger or old, it is necessary for you to post regularly on your blog. If you are a new blogger, it is very important for you to make your blog a brand and blog posts regularly to be successful in blogging.

This is also a big reason to fail in blogging, when you do not have new idea or topics to write a new article on the blog, then you quit blogging.

Many people and many bloggers ask where to bring new ideas to post on the blog so that there is continuity in blogging. We are writing this post keeping in mind the same problem of bloggers.

If you read this post completely, after reading it, you will not have a question on which topic to write a new blog post, because you will follow the methods mentioned in this post, then you have ideas for new blog posts and There will be no shortage of topics.

When a blogger has good connectivity with his audience, people eagerly wait for a new post on his blog and read it when the blog post is published. Along with increasing traffic for this blog or website, it is a good thing in many ways.

Before telling new post ideas for blogging, you need to know that you have to be interested in the blog that you have created, otherwise you will not be able to blogging for a long time.

Let us now know where to take the post idea to write a new blog post. New Post Likhne Ke Liye Ideas Kaha Se Laye?

1. Google Trends

Google trends is a service of Google which records searches keywords and describes their changes over time with graph.

With this help, it helps us to know how many times people have searched and searched from a keyword, as well as tells about the same location. With its help, we also get to know the recent popularity of keywords.

You can randomly search any keyword in Google Trends and get information about it. Also you can compare two or more keywords.

It can be a bit difficult to understand Google trends in the beginning, but after knowing it well, you can generate new blog post ideas for yourself through it.

2. News Apps

You can resort to news apps to find new post topics for your blog. Download any 1-2 popular news apps in your android phone and keep visiting them regularly.

There is a lot of content available on these applications from which you can select the content or topic of your work and write a new blog post for your blog on it.

If your blog is news, technology, fashion, gadgets etc. If it belongs to category, then news apps are such a place from where you can find a lot of new topics for new posts on your blog.

After finding the topics, you can optimize them and rank them in google. Keep in mind one thing here that you take the idea of ​​a new post and write the content yourself, do not copy anyone's content.

3. Newspapers or Magazines

Magazines or newspapers publish a lot of things that we are not aware of and some of them are related to our blog. Regularly reading newspapers and magazines is a great way to get new blog post ideas for blogging.

All magazines come in different categories, so you only choose the magazine that is related to your blog niche. If your blog is about technology then you should read tech and gadgets related magazines to get new blog post idea.

Some magazines related to gadgets & technology such as Computer shopper, T3 india, Web user, BBC focus etc. is.

4. Read Related Blogs

By reading the blog or websites related to the category that your blog belongs to, you can get the idea of ​​new blog posts for your blog.

Find blogs of similar niche on your blog and then start reading those blogs, you will get post ideas yourself. This method is also quite popular.
Here you have to take care that you are not copying anyone's content. Look for these sites as a learning point of view and take ideas.

On reading the blogs related to your blog, you will get information about new post ideas as well as to improve your site.

5. Connect with Readers

The best way to get new-new idea and topics for writing new posts on blog is to stay connected with your visitors. Ask your readers or they will tell you their own new topic and ask you to write a post.

If your audience stays connected then you will keep getting new topic ideas every day to write a new post and never have to go astray to write a new post.

For this, you can use email, social media or commenting system on your blog. Stay connected with people through Commens, it will also increase the user's trust in your site.

6. Quora

Quora is a Question Answer site and its popularity is immense. Quora has a ranking under 100 which shows its popularity on the internet. Also, this website also supports Hindi language, which is very good for us.

On this website, you can also ask your question and answer the questions of others. By doing this, you can also get new post idea for your blog because whatever user asks you questions on this platform, you can write a blog post based on the popularity of that question keyword.

Along with getting new post ideas on Quora, you can increase site traffic by providing a link to the required location of your blog post in response to the questions asked on it. Also with this platform you can also create backlinks for your site which is better for SEO.

For more information about Quora, what is our Quora and how to use it? read the article.

7. Join Q&A Forums

You must know that people join the Q&A forum to ask their questions. You can also join different types of forums and share your knowledge and also ask your own questions.

Based on the questions asked by people in these forums, you can get an idea for a new blog post. Quora is also a similar forum about which is mentioned above. But apart from that, many top and popular forums are available.

Like ask.supportmeindia.com is a popular Hindi community forum that you can join on the basis of Do help - get help and find new post ideas with questions and answers.


Now you will know that to write a new post on the blog, take ideas from where. These are the top tips for getting new post ideas, apart from these methods there are many other ways through which you can get new blog post ideas for your blog.

In other ways to get new blog post idea, you can join platform like Google Question Hub where you also get a chance to answer the questions asked by the users.

You can also get new ideas for your blog through social media websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter on YouTube Trending, Facebook Trending, Twitter Trending etc.

I would like to suggest that whatever new idea comes to your mind, write it on a notebook or store it in an application like Google Keep so that it is not forgotten later.

I hope you liked my post in which we learned about "How to get new blog post ideas". If you have any question related to this, then definitely ask in the comment box.

Also, do not forget to share this article with your friends so that they too can know about the ideas of writing new posts on their blog.