Google Adsense Account Approve Kaise Karaye

Nowadays everyone wants to become famous by blogging and want to earn money from blogging but for that you have to take Adsense approval and this is the biggest difficulty for new blogger to take Adsense approval. Taking AdSense approval is very easy. If your blog or website is also being rejected by Google frequently or you want to earn money by getting Adsense approval quickly, then in this post, I have given some ways which you can easily take Adsense approval by following.

Keeping in mind the AdSense policy to take AdSense approval and following the tips and tricks that I will tell you, you will be able to take AdSense approval easily. Today I am going to tell you in the trick that I have personally followed the approval of many sites and I am going to tell you in the same experience and manner.

1. Buy a paid domain: -

If you want AdSense approval in 7 days, then you should have a paid domain like .com, .in, .net, .info etc. AdSense approval to you. Can also be found on, but for that you should be 4 to 6 months old. You will never get AdSense approval .tk, .ml on these domains. So you have to buy a paid domain.

2. Site 1 or 2 week old ho: -

Your website should be less than 1 or 2 weeks old. Many people buy domains and apply for Adsense after 2 or 3 days, but it is absolutely wrong. You have to wait 1 or 2 weeks before work till then you Customize her theme by writing posts on the site. But do not apply for Adsense at all, 1 week ago.

3. 25+ posts ho: -

You have to write more than 25 more good articles on your website or blog. You should never apply for AdSense by writing 5 or 10 articles, you will never get AdSense approval on this article. And all your articles should be more than 800 words, only then you will get approval easily.

4. Important pages bnao: -

You have to make all these pages of privacy policy, about us, contact us, disclaimer, terms and conditions. If you do not create these pages, you will not get AdSense approval, so before applying AdSense, create all the pages so that AdSense approval can be found easily.

5. Use copyright free image: -

If you do not put copyright free image in your posts, then you will face difficulty in taking Adsense approval. Now a question will be coming in your mind that if you bring the copyright free image, then I have uploaded a video on YouTube for which you have the link, I will give you that altar and you will come to the society and you will get the copyright free image Have to bring food.

6. Copyright content na ho: -

Your posts should not be copyright at all, your article should be 100% unique, only then you will get approval. If you copy someone else's posts, you will never get approval, so you have to write a unique article so that AdSense approval can be easily and quickly. Could.

7. Traffic: -

There should be less than 100 to 200 traffic on your site, only then you will get AdSense approval soon because Google also gives you the products of clintes through your site and if there is no traffic on your site then it will not benefit at all. Nor will you be earning, so there should be 100 to 200 traffic on your site.

8. Google supported language and content: -

Before you write a post in any language, you must know that the language of your posts is Adsense supported or not, you have to write a post in Adsense supported language like Hindi, english, urdu, tamil etc. Language Adsense is supported. Therefore, write posts in the same language as well as write Adsense supported content, your content pronography does not approve Adsense on a site with adult or mature content, then you have to take care of these subjects.

9. Submit site in google search console: -

You have to add your site to Google search console and then submit sitemap as well. After doing all this, you have to index your posts with Google search console. After doing this you will get Adsense Approval quickly. Because this makes your site to rank in Google, so that you get a lot of help in taking Adsense approval.

10. Add site in google analytics: -

You will also have to add your site to Google analytics, this will give you a lot of help in taking Adsense approval and you will get approval soon.

Note: - If your site is in blogger, then you have to use Publister theme on your site and if your site is in WordPress, then coutmize any premium theme properly, this will also help you to take AdSense approval.

At last,

                 If you follow all the methods mentioned by us, then I can say with the claim that you will get AdSense approval, if there is any problem then you can take help by commenting and I will meet you in the next article till then. Jai Hind Jai Bharat